About Us

JolieSoleil Boutique (pronounced "joe-lee soul-lay"), a.k.a. JSB, was founded by Lindsay Sims, Washington, D.C., in 2017. Our mission at JolieSoleil Boutique is to help others by providing the opportunity for others to succeed through sustainable jewelry, accessories, and clothes. JSB has chosen to empower women in developing countries by partnering with organizations that sell products made by women around the world. JSB partners with organizations that are members of the Fair Trade Federation and believes in paying women a fair wage. Lindsay is passionate about helping others and felt compelled to bring these practices together as a fighting force for change.
When she is not a hardworking business owner, Lindsay is a forensic accounting consultant, wife, and proud pet owner of four rescued cats. You can find her supporting local community, or at home with her four cats and a nice big glass of red wine.